Changelog for graphviz-2999.1.0.2

Changes since 2009.5.1 ====================== * Fixed a bug where the Show instance and read function for DotEdge had the from/to nodes the wrong way round. This was not immediately noticed since the Graph -> DotGraph functions created them the wrong way round, so for those users who only used these this was not apparent. Spotted by Neil Brown. * Greatly improved Attribute usage: almost all attributes are now covered with allowed values. * Extend DotGraph to include whether a graph is strict or not and if it has an ID. Also move the directedGraph field. * Make "Dot" refer to the actual dot command and DotArrow refer to the ArrowType (rather than DotCmd and Dot as before). * Make the Data.GraphViz.ParserCombinators module available to end users again, but not re-exported by Data.GraphViz; it has a warning message up the top not to be used. It is there purely for documentative purposes. * Use extensible-exceptions so that base < 4 is once again supported. * Follow the PVP rather than using dates for versions: Changes since 2008.9.20: ======================== * Support polyparse >= 1.1 (as opposed to < 1.3) * Require base == 4.* (i.e. GHC 6.10.*) due to new exception handling. * Include functions from Graphalyze-0.5 for running GraphViz commands, etc. * Module re-organisation. * The Data.GraphViz.ParserCombinators module is no longer available to end users. * Improved Haddock documentation. Changes since 2008.9.6 ====================== * Differentiate between undirected and directed graphs (previously only directed graphs were supported). * Clustering support was added.