graphviz-2999.1.0.2: GraphViz bindings for Haskell.



This module defines the overall types and methods that interact with them for the GraphViz library. The specifications are based loosely upon the information available at:



data DotGraph Source

The internal representation of a graph in Dot form.

data DotNode Source

A node in DotGraph is either a singular node, or a cluster containing nodes (or more clusters) within it. At the moment, clusters are not parsed.

parseDotGraph :: Parse DotGraphSource

Parse a limited subset of the Dot language to form a DotGraph (that is, the caveats listed in Data.GraphViz.Attributes aside, Dot graphs are parsed if they match the layout of DotGraph).

makeStrict :: DotGraph -> DotGraphSource

A strict graph disallows multiple edges.

isValidGraph :: DotGraph -> BoolSource

Check if all the Attributes are being used correctly.

invalidAttributes :: DotGraph -> ([Attribute], [(DotNode, Attribute)], [(DotEdge, Attribute)])Source

Return all those Attributes which aren't being used properly.