Changelog for graphviz-2999.12.0.2

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% graphviz - Changelog % Ivan Lazar Miljenovic

Release History and Changelog

The following is information about what major changes have gone into each release.

Changes in 2999.12.0.2

Changes in 2999.12.0.1

Changes in 2999.12.0.0

Many large-level changes were done in this release; in rough categories these are:

Conversions from other types

Dot graph representations

Using and manipulation Dot graphs




Changes in 2999.11.0.0

Changes in 2999.10.0.1

Changes in 2999.10.0.0

Changes in 2999.9.0.0

Changes in 2999.8.0.0

Changes in 2999.7.0.0

Changes in 2999.6.0.0

Changes in 2999.5.1.1

Changes in 2999.5.1.0

Changes in 2999.5.0.0

A major re-write occured; these are the highlights:

Changes in 2999.1.0.2

Changes in 2999.1.0.1

Changes in 2999.1.0.0

Changes in 2999.0.0.0

Changes in 2009.5.1

Changes in 2008.9.20

Older versions

For versions of graphviz older than 2008.9.20, the exact differences between versions is unknown.

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