Changelog for groundhog-postgresql-0.7.0

0.7.0 * Ignore system indexes when analyzing tables 0.6.0 * Entity and fields descriptions are parameterized so that they can be promoted * Entity and fields descriptions are dependent on database proxy. It allows to use different types depending on a database, for example, the same type can be array[] in PostgreSQL and varchar elsewhere * Migration support for indexes on expressions * Array literals don't need explicit casting anymore 0.5.1 * DISTINCT ON select option * Added getCurrentSchema function into SchemaAnalyzer 0.5.0 * Simplified Geometry and Array function type signatures * Compatibility with GHC 7.8 * Create missing schemas (or databases in MySQL terminology) during migration * Replace datatype Proxy with type variable 0.4.2 * Postgresql-specific mathematical functions (signum, quotRem) * Geometric operators 0.4.1 * Added functions replaceBy and deleteAll * Added type casting functions explicitType and castType * Updated postgresql-simple dependency * Autogenerated id is 64 bit by default * Added createPostgresqlPool * Exposed connection constructor 0.4.0 * Query logging * Default column values * Fixed postgresql-simple deprecation warnings * Updated postgresql-simple dependency 0.3 * Switched from pool-conduit to resource-pool * Schema qualified tables * Support for savepoints * Support for arrays 0.2.0 * Database indexes * Support DB-specific column types * Removed overly restrictive upper bound for bytestring package * Removed overly restrictive upper bound for containers package 0.1.0 The first release.