Changelog for groundhog-th-0.6.0

0.6.0 * Entities without keys. It can be useful for many-to-many tables which hold keys but are not referenced * Entity and fields descriptions are parameterized so that they can be promoted * Entity and fields descriptions are dependent on database proxy. It allows to use different types depending on a database, for example, the same type can be array[] in PostgreSQL and varchar elsewhere * Migration support for indexes on expressions 0.5.1 * Export firstChar for creating user naming styles * Support entities with no fields 0.5.0 * Compatibility with GHC 7.8 * Create missing schemas (or databases in MySQL terminology) during migration * Replace datatype Proxy with type variable 0.4.2 * Switched from utf8-string to text * Added "primitive" mapping which creates PrimitivePersistField instances based on Show/Read or Enum. * Fixed order of unique constraint fields * Fixed a warning in generated code 0.4.0 * References to tables not mapped by groundhog * Default column values * Check for already existing unique key phantom datatypes 0.3.1 * Generation of SinglePersistField and PurePersistField instances for keys 0.3 * Reference clauses ON DELETE and ON UPDATE * Schema qualification * Added unique constraints of type PRIMARY 0.2 * Improvements of YAML parsing error reporting * Database indexes * Support DB-specific column types * Removed upper bound for bytestring * Support embedded datatypes as part of an unique constraint * Removed upper bound for yaml * Removed upper bound for containers 0.1.0 The first release. The modules were moved from the groundhog package.