gtk-0.12.0: Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library.

Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)




A widget used to choose from a list of valid choices

  • Warning: this module is deprecated and should not be used in newly-written code.



A OptionMenu is a widget that allows the user to choose from a list of valid choices. The OptionMenu displays the selected choice. When activated the OptionMenu displays a popup Menu which allows the user to make a new choice.

Using a OptionMenu is simple; build a Menu, by calling Graphics.UI.Gtk.MenuComboToolbar.Menu.menuNew, then appending menu items to it with Graphics.UI.Gtk.MenuComboToolbar.MenuShell.menuShellAppend. Set that menu on the option menu with optionMenuSetMenu. Set the selected menu item with optionMenuSetHistory; connect to the "changed" signal on the option menu; in the "changed" signal, check the new selected menu item with optionMenuGetHistory.

As of Gtk+ 2.4, OptionMenu has been deprecated in favor of ComboBox.

Class Hierarchy

 | GObject
 | +----Object
 | +----Widget
 | +----Container
 | +----Bin
 | +----Button
 | +----OptionMenu



optionMenuNew :: IO OptionMenuSource

Create a new option menu.


optionMenuGetMenu :: OptionMenuClass self => self -> IO MenuSource

Returns the Menu associated with the OptionMenu.

optionMenuSetMenu :: (OptionMenuClass self, MenuClass menu) => self -> menu -> IO ()Source

Provides the Menu that is popped up to allow the user to choose a new value. You should provide a simple menu avoiding the use of tearoff menu items, submenus, and accelerators.

optionMenuRemoveMenu :: OptionMenuClass self => self -> IO ()Source

Removes the menu from the option menu.



:: OptionMenuClass self 
=> self 
-> Int

index - the index of the menu item to select. Index values are from 0 to n-1.

-> IO () 

Selects the menu item specified by index making it the newly selected value for the option menu.



:: OptionMenuClass self 
=> self 
-> IO Int

returns index of the selected menu item, or -1 if there are no menu items

Retrieves the index of the currently selected menu item. The menu items are numbered from top to bottom, starting with 0.


optionMenuMenu :: (OptionMenuClass self, MenuClass menu) => ReadWriteAttr self Menu menuSource

The menu of options.


onOMChanged :: OptionMenuClass self => self -> IO () -> IO (ConnectId self)Source

afterOMChanged :: OptionMenuClass self => self -> IO () -> IO (ConnectId self)Source

This signal is called if the selected option has changed.