gtk-0.12.3: Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library.

Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




Renders a combo box in a cell

  • Module available since Gtk+ version 2.6



CellRendererCombo renders text in a cell like CellRendererText from which it is derived. But while CellRendererText offers a simple entry to edit the text, CellRendererCombo offers a ComboBox or ComboBoxEntry widget to edit the text. The values to display in the combo box are taken from the tree model specified in the model property.

The combo cell renderer takes care of adding a text cell renderer to the combo box and sets it to display the column specified by its cellTextModel property. Further cell renderers can be added in a handler for the editingStarted signal.

Class Hierarchy

 | GObject
 | +----Object
 | +----CellRenderer
 | +----CellRendererText
 | +----CellRendererCombo



cellRendererComboNew :: IO CellRendererComboSource

Creates a new CellRendererCombo. This Renderer allows for displaying a fixed set of options the user can choose from.


cellComboHasEntry :: CellRendererComboClass self => Attr self BoolSource

If True, the cell renderer will allow the user to enter values other than the ones in the popup list.

Default value: True

cellComboTextModel :: (TreeModelClass (model row), TypedTreeModelClass model, CellRendererComboClass self) => WriteAttr self (model row, ColumnId row String)Source

The tuple containing a model and a column in this model that determine the possible strings that can be shown in the combo box. Note that this tree model can be a datum in the tree model that is used to populate the view in which the CellRendererCombo is part of. In other words, it is possible that every CellRendererCombo can show a different set of options on each row.