gtk3-0.14.4: Binding to the Gtk+ 3 graphical user interface library
Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellNone




An action of which only one in a group can be active

  • Module available since Gtk+ version 2.4



A RadioAction is similar to RadioMenuItem. A number of radio actions can be linked together so that only one may be active at any one time.

Class Hierarchy

| GObject
| +----Action
| +----ToggleAction
| +----RadioAction



radioActionNew Source #


:: GlibString string 
=> string

name - A unique name for the action

-> string

label - The label displayed in menu items and on buttons

-> Maybe string

tooltip - A tooltip for this action

-> Maybe StockId

stockId - The stock icon to display in widgets representing this action

-> Int

value - The value which radioActionGetCurrentValue should return if this action is selected.

-> IO RadioAction 

Creates a new RadioAction object. To add the action to a ActionGroup and set the accelerator for the action, call actionGroupAddActionWithAccel.


radioActionGetGroup Source #


:: RadioActionClass self 
=> self 
-> IO [RadioAction]

returns the members of the radio group

Returns the list representing the radio group for this object

radioActionSetGroup Source #


:: (RadioActionClass self, RadioActionClass groupMember) 
=> self 
-> groupMember

groupMember - an existing member of the radio group

-> IO () 

Sets the radio group for the radio action object.

radioActionGetCurrentValue Source #


:: RadioActionClass self 
=> self 
-> IO Int

returns the value of the currently active group member

Obtains the value property of the currently active member of the group to which the action belongs.


radioActionValueAttr :: RadioActionClass self => Attr self Int Source #

The value is an arbitrary integer which can be used as a convenient way to determine which action in the group is currently active in an ::activate or ::changed signal handler. See radioActionGetCurrentValue and RadioActionEntry for convenient ways to get and set this property.

Default value: 0

radioActionGroup :: RadioActionClass self => ReadWriteAttr self [RadioAction] RadioAction Source #

Sets a new group for a radio action.

radioActionCurrentValue :: RadioActionClass self => Attr self Int Source #

The value property of the currently active member of the group to which this action belongs.

Default value: 0

  • Available since Gtk+ version 2.10


radioActionChanged :: RadioActionClass self => Signal self (RadioAction -> IO ()) Source #

The radioActionChanged signal is emitted on every member of a radio group when the active member is changed. The signal gets emitted after the actionActivated signals for the previous and current active members.