gtksourceview2- Binding to the GtkSourceView library.
Portabilityportable (depends on GHC)
Safe HaskellNone







The SourceGutter object represents the left and right gutters of the text view. It is used by SourceView to draw the line numbers and category marks that might be present on a line. By packing additional CellRenderer objects in the gutter, you can extend the gutter with your own custom drawings.

The gutter works very much the same way as cells rendered in a TreeView. The concept is similar, with the exception that the gutter does not have an underlying TreeModel. Instead, you should use sourceGutterSetCellDataFunc to set a callback to fill in any of the cell renderers properties, given the line for which the cell is to be rendered. Renderers are inserted into the gutter at a certain position. The builtin line number renderer is at position 'SourceViewGutterPositionLines (-30)' and the marks renderer is at 'SourceViewGutterPositionMarks (-20)'. You can use these values to position custom renderers accordingly. The width of a cell renderer can be specified as either fixed (using cellRendererSetFixedSize) or dynamic, in which case you must set sourceGutterSetCellSizeFunc. This callback is used to set the properties of the renderer such that gtkCellRendererGetSize yields the maximum width of the cell.



sourceGutterGetWindow :: SourceGutterClass sg => sg -> IO (Maybe DrawWindow) Source #

Get the Window of the gutter. The window will only be available when the gutter has at least one, non-zero width, cell renderer packed.

sourceGutterSetCellDataFunc :: (SourceGutterClass sg, CellRendererClass cell) => sg -> cell -> (CellRenderer -> Int -> Bool -> IO ()) -> IO () Source #

Sets the SourceGutterDataFunc to use for renderer. This function is used to setup the cell renderer properties for rendering the current cell.

sourceGutterSetCellSizeFunc :: (SourceGutterClass gutter, CellRendererClass cell) => gutter -> cell -> (CellRenderer -> IO ()) -> IO () Source #

Sets the SourceGutterSizeFunc to use for renderer. This function is used to setup the cell renderer properties for measuring the maximum size of the cell.


sourceGutterWindowType :: SourceGutterClass sg => Attr sg TextWindowType Source #

The text window type on which the window is placed

Default value: TextWindowPrivate


sourceGutterCellActivated :: SourceGutterClass sg => Signal sg (CellRenderer -> TextIter -> EventM EAny ()) Source #

Emitted when a cell has been activated (for instance when there was a button press on the cell). The signal is only emitted for cells that have the activatable property set to True.

sourceGutterQueryTooltip :: SourceGutterClass sg => Signal sg (CellRenderer -> TextIter -> Tooltip -> IO Bool) Source #

Emitted when a tooltip is requested for a specific cell. Signal handlers can return True to notify the tooltip has been handled.