hPDB-1.1: Protein Databank file format library

Safe HaskellNone



Front-end module presenting minimal interface for serial and parallel parsing.



parse :: FilePath -> String -> (Structure, List PDBEvent)Source

Default parser - uses parallel capabilities, if available.

parseSerial :: FilePath -> String -> (Structure, List PDBEvent)Source

Given filename, and contents, parses a whole PDB file, returning a monadic action | with a tuple of (Structure, [PDBEvent]), where the list of events contains all | parsing or construction errors.

parseParallel :: [Char] -> ByteString -> (Structure, List PDBEvent)Source

Parse file in parallel with as many threads as we have capabilities.

parseWithNParallel :: Integral a => a -> [Char] -> ByteString -> (Structure, List PDBEvent)Source

Parse input file with N parallel threads.