Changelog for haddock-0.8

Changes in version 0.8: * Haddock has a Cabal build system, and will build on Windows without Cygwin or MSYS. GHC 6.4 or later is required. * New options: --comments-base, --comments-module, --comments-entity for generating links to pages (eg. wiki) for collecting user comments. * New options: --source-base, --source-module, --source-entity for generating links to source code. Haddock now understands {-# LINE #-} pragmas, which means it can figure out the correct name for the source file even if the file is preprocessed. * Haddock generates output for populating the Hoogle search engine. * New markup <<url>> for including images. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 0.7: * Changes in the way Haddock decides where to direct hyperlinks. Each entity is now assigned a single "home" module, and all hyperlinks are directed to that module. See the docs ("Hyperlinking and re-exported entities") for details. * New options --ignore-all-exports, --hide * New option --use-package for creating documentation that hyperlinks to the HTML documentation for existing packages on your system. It works by querying ghc-pkg for the location of the Haddock interface and HTML for the given package. * Parts of the HTML documentation, notably lists of instances, are now "collapsible" with a +/- button. Also, the contents page is now in the form of tree in which subtrees can be collapsed. * Support for Microsoft DevHelp and HtmlHelp 2.0 formats. * Support for a short description for each module for the contents page. * Compiles with GHC 6.4+ * Various bugfixes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 0.6: * Implicit parameters, zip comprehensions and 'mdo' are now supported by the parser. * Some lexical bugs were fixed, mainly concerning literal paragraphs next to non-literal paragraphs. * New options: --gen-index, --use-index, --gen-contents and --use-contents, for generting a combined index and contents for several libraries from the appropriate .haddock files. * There is now one index rather than separate Function/Constructor and Type/Class indices. Where a name refers to several entities, these are listed separately in the index. * New option: -v, elicits more verbose warnings. Some warnings are now turned off by default; Haddock should be a little less noisy in general. * Markup for definition lists has been added. See the documentation for details. * New option: --package for setting the package name. The package is listed alongside each module name in the combined contents. * Entities which are re-exported from another package now at least leave a hyperlink in the generated HTML, rather than nothing at all. * Some fixes for bugs which caused incorrect hyperlinks in the generated HTML. In particular, instances should now be linked correctly. * Some aesthetic improvements to the generated HTML. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 0.5: * Compiles with recent versions of GHC. * A few bugs have been fixed. * New labelling/linking feature (see "Anchors" in the manual). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 0.4: * Import declarations which list entities in parentheses, or with hiding clauses, are now properly supported. Modulo one or two small infelicities, the full Haskell modules system is now supported. * Haddock is now more flexible about the placing of separators (commas, semicolons) in relation to doc comments. * There is support for generating and reading "interface files" which describe the exports of a set of modules. This is useful for generating documentation which hyperlinks to previously-generated documentation. * Support for generating the extra files required by the Microsoft Help compiler. * New option: --prologue specifies a file of documentation which is placed on the contents page. * Many bugs fixed ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 0.3: * Documentation on individual function arguments is now implemented * Links can be made to identifiers that aren't in scope, by using the fully qualified name. * Instances are collected and listed with the appropriate classes and datatypes (not for derived instances yet). * Single quotes are only interpreted specially when they surround a legal Haskell identifier, otherwise they are treated literally. * Bird-tracked text is now literal. If you want marked-up text in a code block, use the @...@ notation instead. * Various changes to the layout, it generally looks nicer now. * Various bugs fixed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes in version 0.2: * The [...] markup for typewriter font has been changed to @...@. * Module attributes introduced (see the documentation for details). * {- ... -} style comments may now be used for documentation annotations * Recursive modules are detected and reported as an error. * Existential constructors and rank-N types are now groked by the parser * Some type rendering cleaned up * `abc' is accepted as well as 'abc' to markup an identifier * Several bugs fixed, and error messages improved.