hakyll-1.3: A simple static site generator library.Source codeContentsIndex
A module containing various function for manipulating and examinating files and directories.
toDestination :: FilePath -> Hakyll FilePath
toCache :: FilePath -> Hakyll FilePath
toURL :: FilePath -> FilePath
toRoot :: FilePath -> FilePath
removeSpaces :: FilePath -> FilePath
makeDirectories :: FilePath -> Hakyll ()
getRecursiveContents :: FilePath -> Hakyll [FilePath]
sortByBaseName :: [FilePath] -> [FilePath]
havingExtension :: String -> [FilePath] -> [FilePath]
isMoreRecent :: FilePath -> [FilePath] -> Hakyll Bool
directory :: (FilePath -> Hakyll ()) -> FilePath -> Hakyll ()
toDestination :: FilePath -> Hakyll FilePathSource
Convert a relative filepath to a filepath in the destination (default: _site).
toCache :: FilePath -> Hakyll FilePathSource
Convert a relative filepath to a filepath in the cache (default: _cache).
toURL :: FilePath -> FilePathSource
Get the url for a given page.
toRoot :: FilePath -> FilePathSource
Get the relative url to the site root, for a given (absolute) url
removeSpaces :: FilePath -> FilePathSource
Swaps spaces for -.
makeDirectories :: FilePath -> Hakyll ()Source
Given a path to a file, try to make the path writable by making all directories on the path.
getRecursiveContents :: FilePath -> Hakyll [FilePath]Source
Get all contents of a directory. Note that files starting with a dot (.) will be ignored.
sortByBaseName :: [FilePath] -> [FilePath]Source
Sort a list of filenames on the basename.
havingExtension :: String -> [FilePath] -> [FilePath]Source

A filter that takes all file names with a given extension. Prefix the extension with a dot:

 havingExtension ".markdown" [ "index.markdown"
                             , "style.css"
                             ] == ["index.markdown"]
:: FilePathThe cached file.
-> [FilePath]Dependencies of the cached file.
-> Hakyll Bool
Check if a file is newer then a number of given files.
directory :: (FilePath -> Hakyll ()) -> FilePath -> Hakyll ()Source
Perform a Hakyll action on every file in a given directory.
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