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Module describing the Hakyll monad stack.
data HakyllConfiguration = HakyllConfiguration {
absoluteUrl :: String
additionalContext :: Context
siteDirectory :: FilePath
cacheDirectory :: FilePath
enableIndexUrl :: Bool
previewPollDelay :: Int
type Hakyll = ReaderT HakyllConfiguration IO
askHakyll :: (HakyllConfiguration -> a) -> Hakyll a
getAdditionalContext :: HakyllConfiguration -> Context
data HakyllConfiguration Source
Hakyll global configuration type.
absoluteUrl :: StringAbsolute URL of the site.
additionalContext :: ContextAn additional context to use when rendering. This additional context is used globally.
siteDirectory :: FilePathDirectory where the site is placed.
cacheDirectory :: FilePathDirectory for cache files.
enableIndexUrl :: BoolEnable index links.
previewPollDelay :: IntDelay between polls in preview mode.
type Hakyll = ReaderT HakyllConfiguration IOSource
Our custom monad stack.
askHakyll :: (HakyllConfiguration -> a) -> Hakyll aSource

Simplified ask function for the Hakyll monad stack.

Usage would typically be something like:

 doSomething :: a -> b -> Hakyll c
 doSomething arg1 arg2 = do
     siteDirectory' <- askHakyll siteDirectory
getAdditionalContext :: HakyllConfiguration -> ContextSource
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