happstack-data- Happstack data manipulation libraries




toHaXmls :: [Element] -> [Content]Source

Lifts toHaXml to act on lists of Elements

toHaXmlEl :: Element -> ElementSource

Converts the Element to HaXml Element if the Element is of the form Elem _ _

toHaXml :: Element -> ContentSource

Conversion function between the Happstack Element and HaXml Content types

toAttribute :: Element -> AttributeSource

Converts an Element that is an Attr into a HaXml Attribute. Will throw an error if provided the wrong constructor.

fromHaXmls :: [Content] -> [Element]Source

Lifts fromHaXml to operate on lists

fromHaXml :: Content -> ElementSource

Converts a HaXml Content to an Element

fromAttributes :: [Attribute] -> [Element]Source

Lifts fromAttribute to act on lists

fromAttribute :: Attribute -> ElementSource

Will convert a HaXml attribute that is of the form [Left _] to a Happstack Element. Otherwise, will throw an error.