happstack-jmacro-7.0.6: Support for using JMacro with Happstack

Safe HaskellNone



This modules provides support for using JMacro with Happstack.

It provides the instance,

 instance ToMessage JStat

Which will serve a JStat value as text/javascript; charset=UTF-8. The rendered JavaScript will be wrapped in an anonymous function that is then called, so as to ensure the statements execute in a local scope. An implication of this is that top-level unhygienic variables in JMacro will not be globally available; instead, you should set properties on the global window object.



jmResponse :: ServerMonad m => JStat -> m ResponseSource

Render a JStat into a Response, saturating the variable names with a hash computed from the rqUri. Unlike the ToMessage instance for JStat, this doesn't wrap the statements in a function and so the workaround for global unhygienic names isn't necessary. On the other hand, generated variable names are a bit longer.