happstack-server- Web related tools and services.




xsltFile :: XSLPath -> FilePath -> FilePath -> IO ()Source

Note that the xsl file must have .xsl suffix.

xsltString :: XSLPath -> String -> StringSource

Uses the provided xsl file to transform the given string. This function creates temporary files during its execution, but guarantees their cleanup.

xsltElem :: XSLPath -> Element -> StringSource

Uses xsltString to transform the given XML Element into a a String.

xsltFPS :: XSLPath -> [ByteString] -> [ByteString]Source

Performs an XSL transformation with lists of ByteStrings instead of a String.

xsltFPSIO :: XSLPath -> [ByteString] -> IO [ByteString]Source

Equivalent to xsltFPS but does not hide the inherent IO of the low-level ByteString operations.

xsltproc :: XSLTCmdSource

Use xsltproc to transform XML.

saxon :: XSLTCmdSource

Use saxon to transform XML.