Changelog for hashable-

Version * Improved instances for tuples and lists. * Added instances for StableName, Float, Double, Integer, and Ratio. Version * Added hashWithSalt, which allows the user to create different hash values for the same input by providing different seeds. This is useful for application like Cuckoo hashing which need a family of hash functions. * Fixed a bug in the Hashable instance for Int64/Word64 on 32-bit platforms. * Improved resilience to leading zero in the input being hashed. Version * Added instance for: strict and lazy Texts, ThreadId * Added hashPtrWithSalt and hashByteArrayWithSalt. * Faster ByteArray# hashing. * Fixed a signedness bug that affected ByteString. * Fix ByteString hashing to work correctly on both 32 and 64-bit platforms. Version * Fixed bug in Hashable instance for lazy ByteStrings where differences in the internal structure of the ByteString could cause different hash values for ByteStrings that are equal according to ==. Version * Added two helpers for creating Hashable instances: hashPtr and hashByteArray. Version 1.0.0 * Separated Hashable class to its own package from hashmap