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Abstract data type
Querying events
Discrete Event Set
ADT for Discrete Event Set
Creating Discrete Event Set
Querying Discrete Event Set
Updating Discrete Event Set

This module defines a DES, which stands for Discrete Event Set. There are functions for creating and inserting events.

For each process, an Event may be scheduled. This event consists of a Time and a Runnable. There can be at most one Event scheduled for each Process.

data Event
eTime :: Event -> Time
eRunnable :: Event -> Runnable
eProcess :: Event -> Process
data DES
initDES :: [Process] -> IO DES
emptyDES :: DES
isEmpty :: DES -> Bool
removeNext :: DES -> (Event, DES)
update :: Time -> Runnable -> DES -> DES
Abstract data type
data Event Source
Event. An event consists of a Time and a Runnable
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Querying events
eTime :: Event -> TimeSource
The Time at which the event takes place.
eRunnable :: Event -> RunnableSource
The Runnable that should be run at this time
eProcess :: Event -> ProcessSource
The process of an Event
Discrete Event Set
ADT for Discrete Event Set
data DES Source
Discrete Event Set. A discrete event set is a data structure that supports the operations update and removeNext.
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Creating Discrete Event Set
:: [Process]The list of processes
-> IO DESIO, with result the created DES
Create a new DES. For each Process, an Event is scheduled at time 0 and with Runnable the associated Runnable of the Process.
emptyDES :: DESSource
An empty discrete event set.
Querying Discrete Event Set
isEmpty :: DES -> BoolSource
Is the Discrete Event Set empty?
Updating Discrete Event Set
removeNext :: DES -> (Event, DES)Source

Get an event with lowest time that will take place next. Returns a tuple (evt, des) where evt is the next Event and des is the new DES where this event is removed.

Calls error if the DES is empty.

:: TimeThe time at which the event takes place
-> RunnableThe Runnable that should be run at that time
-> DESThe old discrete event set
-> DESThe discrete event set with the event added
Schedule an event in a discrete event set. Note that an old event of the same process is removed from the discrete event set.
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