Changelog for haskeline-0.6.3

Changed in version 0.6.3: * #111: Correct width calculations when the prompt contains newlines. * #109: Add function completeWordWithPrev. * #101, #44: Extend the API with Behaviors, which control the choice between terminal-style and file-style interaction. * #78: Correct width calculations for escape sequences ("\ESC...\STX") * Better warning message when -fterminfo doesn't work. * Added getPassword as a new input function. Changed in version * Added back a MonadException instance for mtl's StateT. Changed in version * #110: Recognize the enter key in xterm. * #108: Fix behavior after a paste of long, non-ASCII text. * #106: Ignore input immediately following an unrecognized control sequence. * #104: In vi-mode, allow, e.g., "d2w" as well as "2dw" * #103: Fix vi-mode 'c' command with movements. * #81: Correctly handle characters with a width > 1. * Compatibility updates from the GHC folks for Solaris and for ghc-6.14. * Optimization: if several key presses are input all at once (e.g. from a paste), only display the last change. This can also make Haskeline more responsive when editing long lines. * Hard-code some defaults for ctrl-left and ctrl-right, and provide the corresponding Emacs bindings to skip words. Changed in version * Raise dependency to utf8-string>=0.3.6 (fixes a bug when decoding invalid input) Changed in version Internal/API changes: * Make sure to always use binary mode when expecting Char-as-byte. * Eliminate unused import warnings on ghc>=6.11 * Increase upper bound on some dependencies for ghc-6.12 Changed in version 0.6.2: User interface changes: * A multitude of new emacs and vi commands * New preference 'historyDuplicates' to prevent storage of duplicate lines * Support PageUp and PageDown keys * Let ctrl-L (clear-screen) work during getInputChar Internal/API changes: * Compatibility with ghc-6.12 * Calculate the correct width for Unicode combining characters * Removed RankNTypes requirement; added Rank2Types and UndecidableInstances * Use simpleUserHooks instead of autoconfUserHooks in the Setup script * Internal refactoring to make command declaration more flexible * Read the .haskeline file completely before starting the UI (laziness issue)