Changelog for haskell-src-exts-1.10.1

** 1.10.x 1.10.0 --> 1.10.1 =============== * Enable the unicode version of DoubleColon (x2237). Thanks to Andr�s Sicard-Ram�rez for the patch! 1.9.6 --> 1.10.0 =============== * Ensure that implied extensions are always picked up, not only when using the parseFile* family of functions as previously. * Add the newly devised <%>...</%> syntax to the XmlSyntax support. This causes changes to pretty much everything, including adding a case to the AST which prompts the major version bump. ** 1.9.x 1.9.5 --> 1.9.6 =============== * Fix a bug (#203) where the lexer loops on malformed quasi-quoters. * Fix a bug with pretty-printing RULES pragmas. 1.9.4 --> 1.9.5 =============== * Fix a bug where deriving clauses for GADT-style data declarations were not properly indented. * Pretty-printing patterns is now more accurate in inserting (and not inserting) parentheses when needed. 1.9.3 --> 1.9.4 =============== * Pretty-printer now inserts parentheses in clever places when printing kinds. * Pretty-printing expressions is now far more accurate in inserting (and not inserting) parentheses when needed. * Pretty-printing negative expressions no longer inserts a superfluous space between the - and the expression. 1.9.2 --> 1.9.3 =============== * Constructors for newtype declarations must now have exactly one argument. This is only when using the classic syntax, not with GADT-style syntax. * Fix a bug where preceding commas in tuple sections were counted one too few. 1.9.1 --> 1.9.2 =============== * Fix a bug with pretty-printing lexer tokens. * Fix a bug where non-colon TypeOperators could not be used in prefix mode. 1.9.0 --> 1.9.1 =============== * Export parseFileContentsWithExts from .Exts. 1.8.2 --> 1.9.0 =============== * OptionPragma is renamed to the more descriptive ModulePragma, and adds a constructor AnnModulePragma for handling ANN pragmas preceding module header. * Add instances for Eq/Ord/Data/Typeable for Fixity. * Add 'parseFileWithComments' and 'parseFileContentsWithComments' to L.H.Exts . * More informative error messages when HSX tags are mismatched. ** 1.8.x 1.8.1 --> 1.8.2 =============== * Don't insert redundant parentheses around record constructions and updates. 1.8.0 --> 1.8.1 =============== * Fix three bugs with the handling of ANN. I must have been really tired when implementing that support. 1.7.2 --> 1.8.0 =============== * Add an instance Show Fixity (derived). * Support for the new ANN and INLINE_CONLIKE pragmas. * Export knownExtensions from .Extension. * Remove support for CFILES and INCLUDE pragmas. The support wasn't correct anyway, as it assumed the pragmas appeared at the top of files. As CFILES/INCLUDE pragmas can (and do) appear anywhere, there's no hope to support them in the AST. Better to remove the support altogether. Files with CFILES/INCLUDE pragmas can still be parsed of course, but those pragmas will be handled as comments. * Parsing with ignoreLinePragmas = False now correctly updates the file name. * Allow the whole SPECIALISE/INLINE family of pragmas in instance declarations. The InsInline constructor is removed, and is now represented by InsDecl (InlineSig ...). * Fix a bug with line numbering and quasi quotes, and a similar one with line numbering and CDATA. * Fix a few minor bugs in the exactPrinter. * Fix the strange handling of so called strings in LINE pragmas. ** 1.7.x 1.7.1 --> 1.7.2 =============== * Fixes a bug in lexing LINE pragmas (used when ignoreLinePragmas is set to False). 1.7.0 --> 1.7.1 =============== * UnicodeSyntax now also enables the forall symbol (U+2200). 1.6.1 --> 1.7.0 =============== * Operators defined on the form (a `op` b) c = ... could not be handled by the (annotated) AST, nor the parser. I had to change the definition of the AST node for InfixMatch to allow a list of right-hand subpatterns, i.e. InfixMatch l (Pat l) (Name l) (Pat l) ... has become InfixMatch l (Pat l) (Name l) [Pat l] ... I also had an epiphany and fixed the issue that would arise with exact printing of prefix definitions including parentheses, so that now works too! ** 1.6.x 1.6.0 --> 1.6.1 =============== * UnicodeSyntax now works not only for identifiers, but also for ->, <- and =>, as well as Arrows arrows and kind stars. 1.5.3 --> 1.6.0 =============== * (=~=) turns out to be too general at Functor (for intuitive and not technical reasons), so is specialised to Annotated to closer mirror the original intention. * applyFixities is hoisted to a monad, and now fails on ambiguous infix expressions. ** 1.5.x 1.5.2 --> 1.5.3 =============== * Several small bug fixes in the exact printer, and fail more gracefully if the number of srcInfoPoints doesn't match the needs of the node. 1.5.1 --> 1.5.2 =============== * Fix a bug in the exact printer that made it always print the first token at position (0,0). * In fixing the above, Annotated is now a superclass of ExactP. It was already a superclass in spirit, and nothing can break from this since ExactP is only exported abstractly. 1.5.0 --> 1.5.1 =============== * The pretty printer now introduces parentheses for non-atomic arguments to function application. Note that infix applications are left untouched, no parentheses will be inserted there, as it is assumed that fixities are already properly resolved. * Fix a bug in the pretty printer where view patterns and n+k patterns were not properly parenthesised. 1.4.0 --> 1.5.0 =============== * Add support for acting on LINE pragmas while parsing, i.e. updating the source position according to info given in LINE pragmas. This is done conditionally based on a new flag ignoreLinePragmas in the ParseMode, hence the need to increase the major version. ** 1.4.x 1.3.5 --> 1.4.0 =============== * The AST node for Proc in the simple AST is changed to include a SrcLoc argument, to make it consistent with similar nodes e.g. Lambda. This is specifically needed for transformation of patterns in HSX. ** 1.3.x 1.3.4 --> 1.3.5 =============== * Added an entry point in the parser for statements, and an instance Parseable Stmt to go with it. * Ensured that .Annotated exports all relevant parseXXX(WithYYY) functions. 1.3.3 --> 1.3.4 =============== * Operator fixities are now resolved in patterns. 1.3.2 --> 1.3.3 =============== * Fixes a bug where qualified keywords are rejected even if the extension that enables the keyword in question is not turned on. 1.3.0 --> 1.3.2 =============== (Let's forget 1.3.1 ever existed.) * Fix a bug where declarations of infix operators were not properly merged as FunBinds.