Changelog for haskell-src-meta- - Bump base and template-haskell library to versions shipped with GHC 7.6. 0.8 - Compatibility with GHC 8.2. - Remove deprecated modules. - Fixed a bug that caused deriving clauses to be ignored on TH 2.11. 0.7.0 - Compatibility with haskell-src-exts 1.18. - Support dropped for GHC < 7.6 and haskell-src-exts < 1.17. - Compatibility with GHC 8.0. - Compatibility with GHC HEAD, haskell-src-exts 1.17 - Remove hsBindsToDecs, since it was redundant with toDecs. Technically this requires a minor-version bump, but I doubt anyone was using it. - Support th-orphans 0.13 - Support syb 0.6 - Support syb 0.5, th-orphans 0.12 - Compatibility with GHC 7.10 - Update th-orphans dependency - Drop GHC < 7.4 support (actually it was already broken, since HSE 1.16 requires base >= 4.5) - Move to HSE 1.16 - Fix compilation oops - Move to HSE 1.15, adding support for multiway if - Update th-orphans dependency - Drop support for GHC 6.12 - Move to HSE 1.14 - Update th-orphans dependency - Some dependency loosening in anticipation of GHC 7.8 - Update syb dependency - Fix haddock parse error 0.6: - Cabal category Template Haskell - Partial support for list comprehensions - Support for type and data families and class decs - Split orphan instances into new package th-orphans - above changes courtesy of mgsloan - L.H.TH.Instances.Lift now deprecated - Removed L.H.M.Utils.deriveLiftPretty, dropped th-lift dependency - Rename L.H.M.Utils.unQ to unsafeRunQ - instance ToName Op - Support for unboxed tuple types and kind signatures - Compatibility with GHC 7.6.1, bringing support for kind variables and infix declarations - More sensible determination of TH version available - View pattern support, thanks to Nicolas Frisby. 0.5.1: - New module Language.Haskell.Meta.Parse.Careful, written by Reiner Pope so that ambiguous parses can be rejected instead of quietly done wrong. - Support for GHC 7.4, thanks to Reiner Pope - Support for unresolved infix expressions, again thanks to Reiner Pope - Fixed bug in translation of tuple constructors - Added support for primitive string literals (Only in TH >= 2.5) 0.5: - Added support for instance declarations - Compatibility with GHC 7.2 - Deprecate myDefaultParseMode and myDefaultExtensions in L.H.M.Parse 0.4: - Remove Language.Haskell.Meta.Syntax.Vars and the L.H.M.Syntax re-export module - Remove dependency on containers - Add support for let statements in (pattern) guards - Add support for negative patterns - Remove "support" for SpliceExps that didn't really make sense - Improve many error messages where things are unimplemented or impossible 0.3: - Fixes/additions to inline pragma support (Jonas Duregard) - Compatibility with GHC 7 and TH 2.5 - totalling three major versions! - Move some of the quasiquoters to their own package, and stop exporting the rest (they are kept as examples of usage) 0.2: - Compatibility with GHC 6.10 and TH 2.3 (Geoffrey Mainland) - Add support for do-blocks, pattern guards (Adam Vogt) - Add applicative-do quasiquoter (Adam Vogt) 0.1.1: - Add support for inline pragmas, and improve support for type signatures (patch by Jonas Duregard) 0.1.0: - Used the th-lift library to autogenerate the instances of Lift in Language.Haskell.TH.Instances.Lift - Added support for the new features of template-haskell- contexts, kinds, bang patterns, unboxed word literals. - Updated use of haskell-src-exts in response to API changes. - Added ToDecs class because some HSE Decls don't map to a single Dec. (patch by Jonas Duregard) 0.0.6: - last version released by Matt Morrow before his disappearance