haskmon- A haskell wrapper for PokeAPI.co (www.pokeapi.co)

Safe HaskellNone




getPokedexById :: ID -> IO Pokedex Source

Get a pokedex. Warning: returns a large list of pokemon resources

getPokemonById :: ID -> IO Pokemon Source

Get a pokemon by ID

getPokemonByName Source


:: String

Name of the pokemon

-> IO Pokemon 

Lookup a pokemon by name in the national pokedex

getAbilityById :: ID -> IO Ability Source

Get an ability by ID

getMoveById :: ID -> IO Move Source

Get a move by ID

getTypeById :: ID -> IO Type Source

Get a type by ID

getEggGroupById :: ID -> IO EggGroup Source

Get a egg group by ID

getDescriptionById :: ID -> IO Description Source

Get a description group by ID

getGameById :: ID -> IO Description Source

Get a game by ID

getSpriteById :: ID -> IO Sprite Source

Get Sprite by ID