haskoin- Implementation of the Bitcoin protocol.

Safe HaskellNone



Network specific constants



networkName :: StringSource

Name of the bitcoin network

addrPrefix :: Word8Source

Prefix for base58 PubKey hash address

scriptPrefix :: Word8Source

Prefix for base58 script hash address

secretPrefix :: Word8Source

Prefix for private key WIF format

extPubKeyPrefix :: Word32Source

Prefix for extended public keys (BIP32)

extSecretPrefix :: Word32Source

Prefix for extended private keys (BIP32)

networkMagic :: Word32Source

Network magic bytes

genesisHeader :: BlockHeaderSource

Genesis block header information

maxBlockSize :: IntSource

Maximum size of a block in bytes

haskoinUserAgent :: StringSource

User agent of this haskoin package

defaultPort :: IntSource

Default port

allowMinDifficultyBlocks :: BoolSource

Should we allow relaxed difficulty transition rules. This is useful for testnet.

checkpoints :: [(Int, BlockHash)]Source

Checkpoints to enfore