haskoin-util- Utility functions for the Network.Haskoin project

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



Declaration of constant values that depend on the network type (for example: prodnet or testnet). The values exported from this modules are imported from a network-specific sub-module.



The network-specific values are defined in one of the sub-modules:

  • Network.Haskoin.Util.Network.Prodnet
  • Network.Haskoin.Util.Network.Testnet

You must import the module for the network you are interested in and compile the libraries against it.

addrPrefix :: Word8Source

Prefix for base58 PubKey hash address

scriptPrefix :: Word8Source

Prefix for base58 script hash address

secretPrefix :: Word8Source

Prefix for private key WIF format

extPubKeyPrefix :: Word32Source

Prefix for extended public keys (BIP32)

extSecretPrefix :: Word32Source

Prefix for extended private keys (BIP32)

walletFile :: StringSource

Wallet database file name