haskore- The Haskore Computer Music System

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




data T control content Source

Medium type with a controller constructor.


Primitive content

primitive content

Serial [T control content]

sequential composition

Parallel [T control content]

parallel composition

Control control (T control content)



C T 
Functor (T control) 
Foldable (T control) 
Traversable (T control) 
Construct (T control) 
(Eq control, Eq content) => Eq (T control content) 
(Ord control, Ord content) => Ord (T control content) 
(Show control, Show content) => Show (T control content) 
(C a, Control control) => C (T control a) 

serialToList, parallelToList :: T control a -> [T control a]Source

prim :: a -> T control aSource

serial, parallel :: [T control a] -> T control aSource

fromMedium :: C src => src a -> T control aSource

toMediumList :: T control a -> T aSource

mapList :: (a -> b) -> ([T control b] -> [T control b]) -> ([T control b] -> [T control b]) -> (control -> T control b -> T control b) -> T control a -> T control bSource

mapListFlat :: (a -> b) -> ([T control a] -> [T control b]) -> ([T control a] -> [T control b]) -> (control -> T control a -> T control b) -> T control a -> T control bSource

mapControl :: (c0 -> c1) -> T c0 a -> T c1 aSource