haskore-supercollider-0.0.2: Haskore back-end for SuperColliderSource codeContentsIndex

This is a variant of the Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.Play module. Instead of an abstract Instrument type and a Haskore.Interface.SuperCollider.SoundMap, we attach SuperCollider instrument information to each note.

This module can be used as basis for life performances.

installSound :: (Transport t, SoundParameters params) => (parameterTuple -> AttributeList, graph -> Sound params) -> String -> graph -> IO t (Sound params parameterTuple)Source
installSound0 :: (Transport t, SoundParameters params) => String -> Sound params -> IO t (Sound params ())Source
installSound1 :: (Transport t, SoundParameters params) => String -> (UGen -> Sound params) -> IO t (Sound params Double)Source
installSound2 :: (Transport t, SoundParameters params) => String -> (UGen -> UGen -> Sound params) -> IO t (Sound params (Double, Double))Source
playMusic :: Transport t => T DrumAttributes InstrumentAttributes -> IO t ()Source
example :: IO ()Source
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