Changelog for haxr-3000.9.2

* 3000.9.2 (14 May 2013) - Export new functions remoteWithHeaders and callWithHeaders, which are variants of remote and call that allow the user to specify extra custom headers. Thanks to Ben Sinclair for the patch. * 3000.9.1 (4 May 2013) - Expose Network.XmlRpc.DTD_XMLRPC from the library The point is to allow converting to XML using functions from which allows for custom serialization of the XML to deal with endpoints that don't parse XML correctly. * 3000.9.0.1 (7 July 2012) - Make everything in examples/ directory compile again * 3000.9 (7 July 2012) - Switch from dataenc to base64-bytestring for base64 encoding, resulting in dramatically improved efficiency - Change the argument type of ValueBase64 constructor from String to ByteString - bump HaXml dependency upper bound to allow HaXml 1.23.*