hbro-0.6.3: A suckless minimal KISSy browser

Safe HaskellNone




realMain :: Configuration -> IO ()Source

Entry point for the application. Parse arguments and step down in favour of initBrowser. Print configuration error, if any.

initBrowser :: Configuration -> CliOptions -> IO ()Source

Application's main function. Create browser and load homepage.

goHome :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Load homepage (retrieved from commandline options or configuration file)

goBack :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webViewGoBack function

goForward :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webViewGoForward function

stopLoading :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webViewStopLoading function

reload :: Bool -> Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webViewReload{BypassCache} If boolean argument is False, it bypasses the cache

loadURL :: String -> Browser -> IO ()Source

Load given URL in the browser.

loadURL' :: URL -> Browser -> IO ()Source

Backend function for loadURL.

zoomIn :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webViewZoomIn function

zoomOut :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webViewZoomOut function

printPage :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Wrapper around webFramePrint function, provided for convenience.

verticalHome :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Scroll up to top of web page. Provided for convenience.

verticalEnd :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Scroll down to bottom of web page. Provided for convenience.

newWindow :: Browser -> IO ()Source

Spawn a new instance of the browser.