hbro-0.6.3: A suckless minimal KISSy browser

Safe HaskellNone




importKeyBindings :: [(([Modifier], String), Browser -> IO ())] -> Map (Set Modifier, String) (Browser -> IO ())Source

Convert key bindings list to a map. Calls importKeyBindings'.

importKeyBindings' :: [(([Modifier], String), Browser -> IO ())] -> [((Set Modifier, String), Browser -> IO ())]Source

Convert modifiers list to modifiers sets. The order of modifiers in key bindings don't matter. Called by importKeyBindings.

runCommand' :: String -> IO ()Source

Like run runCommand, but return IO ()

runExternalCommand :: String -> IO ()Source

Run external command and won't kill when parent process exit. nohup for ignore all hup signal. `> devnull 2>&1` redirect all stdout (1) and stderr (2) to `/dev/null`