hbro- Minimal KISS compliant browser

Safe HaskellSafe-Infered




Default configuration

defaultConfig :: ConfigSource

Default configuration. Homepage: DuckDuckGo, socket directory: system's temporary directory, UI file: ~.confighbro, Webkit's default websettings, no keycommand binding.

defaultHooks :: HooksSource

Pack of default hooks

defaultKeyHandler :: KeysList -> String -> K (String, Bool)Source

Look for a callback associated to the given keystrokes and trigger it, if any.

defaultKeyBindings :: KeysListSource

Default key bindings.

defaultLinkClickedHook :: Button -> URI -> WebPolicyDecision -> K ()Source

Left click loads the new page in current window, middle click loads the new page in a new window, right click does nothing.

defaultMIMEDisposition :: URI -> String -> WebPolicyDecision -> K ()Source

Display content if webview can show the given MIME type, otherwise download it.

defaultTitleChangedHook :: String -> K ()Source

Update the main window's title

defaultCommandsList :: CommandsListSource

List of default supported requests.