hcg-minus-0.14: haskell cg (minus)

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Colour related functions



type C = Colour DoubleSource

Opaque colour.

type Ca = AlphaColour DoubleSource

Colour with alpha channel.

mk_grey :: (Ord a, Floating a) => a -> Colour aSource

Grey Colour.

to_greyscale :: (Ord a, Floating a) => Colour a -> aSource

Reduce Colour to grey. Constants are 0.3, 0.59 and 0.11.

pureColour :: (Ord a, Fractional a) => AlphaColour a -> Colour aSource

Discard alpha channel, if possible.


toC :: (Double, Double, Double) -> CSource

Tuple to C, inverse of unC.

unC :: C -> (Double, Double, Double)Source

C to (red,green,blue) tuple.

toCa :: (Double, Double, Double, Double) -> CaSource

Tuple to Ca, inverse of unCa.

unCa :: Ca -> (Double, Double, Double, Double)Source

Ca to (red,green,blue,alpha) tuple


venetianRed :: CSource

Venetian red (#c80815).

swedishAzureBlue :: CSource

Swedish azure blue (#005b99).

safetyOrange :: CSource

Safety orange (#ff6600).

dyeMagenta :: CSource

Dye magenta (#ca1f7b).

candlelightYellow :: CSource

Candlelight yellow (#fcd116).

subtractivePrimaryCyan :: CSource

Subtractive primary cyan (#00B7EB).

fernGreen :: CSource

Fern green (#009246).

sepiaBrown :: CSource

Sepia brown (#704214).

non_svg_colour_set :: [C]Source

The set of named colours defined in this module.

SVG colours

svg_colour_set :: [C]Source

The set of named colours in the SVG specification (in alphabetical order).