hcube-0.1.1: Virtual Rubik's cube of arbitrary size.

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Module for generating tables exhibiting internals of hcube. See the design directory for output generated by these functions.



displayColors :: IO ()Source

Show mapping of cube face to vector and color.

displayOrientVecMapping :: IO ()Source

Two vectors are required to uniquely determine cube orientation. Orientation is defined as an operation from identity orientation. Right face goes to face represented by vector 1. Back gace goes to face represented by vector 2.

displayOrientTransforms :: IO ()Source

Cube orientation can be viewed as a transformation of faces from identity position.

displayOrientMatrices :: IO ()Source

Matrix representation of oriention group. Right handed coordinate system implies determinate must be one.

displayColorToOrient :: IO ()Source

Shows how colors on a cubie are mapped to orientation.

displayOrientI :: IO ()Source

Displays inverses for orientation group.

displayOrientP :: IO ()Source

Displays multiplication table for orientation group.

displayColorTags :: Size -> IO ()Source

Displays how coloring of cubie is used to determine cube id of cube. Cube id represents position of cubie in solved configuration.

displayFaceIds :: Size -> IO ()Source

Displays mapping of face id to cube id. Face ids are useful when specifing the state of a physical cube.