hedn- EDN parsing and encoding

Safe HaskellNone




Parse an UTF-8 encoded EDN string into a haskell representation of EDN objects. Use decode to get actual types.


Data parsers

parseMaybe :: ByteString -> Maybe TaggedValueSource

Parse a lazy ByteString into a TaggedValue. If fails due to incomplete or invalid input, Nothing is returned.

parseBS :: ByteString -> Result TaggedValueSource

Parse a strict ByteString, but without continutations.

parseT :: Text -> Result TaggedValueSource

Parse a strict Text.

parseS :: [Char] -> Result TaggedValueSource

Parse a string AKA '[Char]'. Not really useful other than for debugging purposes.

Attoparsec implementation

parseValue :: Parser ValueSource

Parse a "raw" EDN value into a Value.

parseTagged :: Parser TaggedValueSource

Parse a probably tagged EDN value into a TaggedValue.