hermit- Haskell Equational Reasoning Model-to-Implementation Tunnel

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Generic Data Type

NOTE: Type is not included in the generic datatype. However, we could have included it and provided the facility for descending into types. We have not done so because (a) we do not need that functionality, and (b) the types are complicated and we're not sure that we understand them.

data Core Source

Core is the sum type of all nodes in the AST that we wish to be able to traverse. All Node instances in HERMIT define their Generic type to be Core.


ModGutsCore ModGuts

The module.

ProgramCore CoreProgram

A program (list of top-level bindings).

BindCore CoreBind

A binding group.

DefCore CoreDef

A recursive definition.

ExprCore CoreExpr

An expression.

AltCore CoreAlt

A case alternative.

data CoreDef Source

A (potentially recursive) definition is an identifier and an expression. In GHC Core, recursive definitions are encoded as (Id, CoreExpr) pairs. This data type is isomorphic.


Def Id CoreExpr 

GHC Core Extras

type CoreTickish = Tickish IdSource

Unlike everything else, there is no synonym for Tickish Id provided by GHC, so we provide one.

defToRecBind :: [CoreDef] -> CoreBindSource

Convert a list of recursive definitions into an (isomorphic) recursive binding group.