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Operations on the Fixed Point Operator (fix)

Note that many of these operations require fix to be explicitly imported, if it is not used in the source file.

externals :: [External]Source

Externals for manipulating fixed points.

Rewrites and BiRewrites on Fixed Points

fixIntroR :: RewriteH CoreDefSource

f = e ==> f = fix (\ f -> e)

fixComputationRuleBR :: BiRewriteH CoreExprSource

fix ty f <==> f (fix ty f)

fixRollingRuleBR :: BiRewriteH CoreExprSource

fix tyA (\ a -> f (g a)) <==> f (fix tyB (\ b -> g (f b))

fixFusionRuleBR :: Maybe (RewriteH CoreExpr, RewriteH CoreExpr) -> Maybe (RewriteH CoreExpr) -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr -> BiRewriteH CoreExprSource

If f is strict, then (f (g a) == h (f a)) ==> (f (fix g) == fix h)


isFixExprT :: TranslateH CoreExpr (Type, CoreExpr)Source

Check that the expression has the form fix t (f :: t -> t), returning t and f.