herringbone-0.1.1: A library for compiling and serving static web assets.

Safe HaskellNone




makeSettings :: ConfigBuilder -> HerringboneSettingsSource

Creates a HerringboneSettings instance from a ConfigBuilder. This just applies the config builder to the default settings:

 makeSettings builder = builder defaultSettings

initHerringbone :: HerringboneSettings -> IO HerringboneSource

Sets up internal state, and returns a Herringbone, ready to be used.

setSourceDir :: FilePath -> ConfigBuilderSource

Adds a directory to the list of source directories.

setDestDir :: FilePath -> ConfigBuilderSource

Sets the destination directory. Note that this will overwrite the destination directory if one is already set.

setPreprocessors :: [PP] -> ConfigBuilderSource

Set the preprocessor collection to the given list of preprocessors

setVerbose :: ConfigBuilderSource

Displays detailed log information during requests. Useful for debugging.