hgal-1.0.2: library for computation automorphism group and canonical labelling of a graphSource codeContentsIndex

NOTE: Usage of implicit automorphisms, as described on page 62, is not implemented here.

TODO: - as GHC 6.6, use Sequence instead of appends at end. - skip first automorphism found; it is identity. - try not relabeling the graphs

canonicGraph :: Graph -> Graph
canonicGraph0 :: Graph -> Graph
autGenerators :: Graph -> [Permutation]
automorphisms :: Graph -> ([Permutation], Graph)
isIsomorphic :: Graph -> Graph -> Bool
debugTree :: Graph -> IO ()
canonicGraph :: Graph -> GraphSource
Return the canonic version of a graph.
canonicGraph0 :: Graph -> GraphSource
Returns a canonic labeling of the graph (slow -- but dead simple implementation). This implementation serves documentation and debugging purposes.
autGenerators :: Graph -> [Permutation]Source
Returns generators of the automorphism group
automorphisms :: Graph -> ([Permutation], Graph)Source
Given a graph, return generators of its automorphism group, and its canonic labeling
isIsomorphic :: Graph -> Graph -> BoolSource
Tells whether two graphs are isomorphic
debugTree :: Graph -> IO ()Source
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