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Naive O(n^2)) time algorithm to compute the closest pair of points among \(n\) points in \(\mathbb{R}^d\).



closestPair :: (Ord r, Arity d, Num r) => LSeq 2 (Point d r :+ p) -> Two (Point d r :+ p) Source #

Naive algorithm to compute the closest pair in \(d\) dimensions. Runs in \(O(n^2)\) time (for any constant \(d\)). Note that we need at least two elements for there to be a closest pair.

type PP d p r = ArgMin r (Two (Point d r :+ p)) Source #

A pair of points

mkPair :: (Arity d, Num r) => (Point d r :+ p) -> (Point d r :+ p) -> PP d p r Source #

Create a pair of points

pairs :: LSeq 2 a -> NonEmpty (Two a) Source #

Produce all lists from a vec of elements. Since the Vec contains at least two elements, the resulting list is non-empty