hgeometry-ipe- Reading and Writing ipe7 files.

Safe HaskellNone




drawColoredPlanarSubdivision :: IpeOut (PlanarSubdivision s v e (Maybe (IpeColor r)) r) Group r Source #

drawPlanarSubdivision :: forall s r. IpeOut (PlanarSubdivision s (Maybe (IpeAttributes IpeSymbol r)) (Maybe (IpeAttributes Path r)) (Maybe (IpeAttributes Path r)) r) Group r Source #

Draws only the values for which we have a Just attribute

drawPlanarSubdivision' :: forall s v e f r. IpeOut (PlanarSubdivision s v e f r) Group r Source #

Draw everything using the defaults

type MIO g i r = g -> Maybe (IpeObject' i r) Source #

drawPlanarSubdivisionWith :: (ToObject vi, ToObject ei, ToObject fi) => MIO (VertexId' s, VertexData r v) vi r -> MIO (Dart s, LineSegment 2 v r :+ e) ei r -> MIO (FaceId' s, SomePolygon v r :+ f) fi r -> IpeOut (PlanarSubdivision s v e f r) Group r Source #