Changelog for highlighting-kate-

highlighting-kate 0.2.7 (15 July 2010) * New, compressed format for classes. Two-letter class names are now used for default styles, and detailed lexical information is omitted unless the new OptDetailed option is specified. Also, the "Normal" style is no longer used, and spans are not used for "normal" markup. The result is significant compression of the highlighted source (in one test, 191K -> 72K). * Updated the css files in css/ to use the new two-letter class names. Users should update their css files, or highlighting will no longer work. * New OptDetailed option (see above). * Added languagesByFilename function. Unlike the old languagesByExtension, this properly handles things like "Makefile" and "CMake.txt." * A new -d/--detailed option has been provided in the Highlight executable. This selects OptDetailed. * Improvements to haskell.xml and literate-haskell.xml, due to Nicolas Wu. * Added octave syntax definition. * Changed ParseSyntaxFiles to work with GHC 6.12. * ParseSyntaxFiles now uses Text/Highlighting/Kate/ as a template for construction of Text.Highlighting.Kate.Syntax module. * Removed parsec < 3 restriction. * Minor code cleanup and improvement. highlighting-kate (06 March 2010) * Use separate definitions for compiled regexes. This speeds up compilation significantly. * Replaced list_(hash) with list_(list_name) for readability. highlighting-kate (06 March 2010) * Performance improvements suggested by Joachim Breitner. These reduce compile time and executable size significantly (by almost half), and yield a slight speedup in run time. + Use Set instead of list for keywords. + Put keyword sets in separate definitions. + Use words and unwords to trick GHC into not inlining the lists of keywords, which slows compilation considerably. * Changed ghc-prof-options to include -caf-all and -O0. highlighting-kate 0.2.6 (22 Jan 2010) * Added OptLineAnchors FormatOption. When used with OptNumberLines, this includes a link anchor on each line, so users can link to a particular line in a highlighted source file. Thanks to Daniel Patterson for the idea. * Default to using regex-pcre-builtin, unless pcre-light flag is turned on. regex-pcre-builtin contains c sources for pcre, so it should now be possible to install highlighting-kate without manually installing the pcre library first -- a hurdle for some users. highlighting-kate (29 Nov 2009) * Modified ParseSyntaxFiles to use UTF8, since otherwise hscolour compiled with GHC 6.12 will choke on the latin1 characters in some of the comments giving the authors of the original kate syntax files. Thanks to Sergei Trofimovich for pointing out the problem. * Fixed regexp in single line comment detector so infix ops like --> are not treated as comments. (Thanks to Dmitri Golubovsky for the patch, also contributed to kate upstream.) * Use Cabal to get version instead of hardcoding it. highlighting-kate 0.2.5 (04 Jul 2009) * Changed highlightAs to go by file extension if unambiguous. * New Relaxngcompact syntax definition. * Removed unused mkIdentifier in ParseSyntaxFiles. * Moved 'capitalize' to ParseSyntaxFiles and fixed its defn. * Removed list of supported languages from description. Spell 50 as "fifty" in description. highlighting-kate 0.2.4 (15 Mar 2009) * Fixed bug in literate-haskell-xml. Also fixed now upstream. (Bjorn Buckwalter) * Modified ParseSyntaxFiles.hs to allow regeneration of individual syntax files. With the change ParseSyntaxFiles accepts any number of arguments. Those ending with .xml are assumed to be files while the rest are assumed to be directories containing .xml files. The syntaxes included in Syntax.hs are based on the contents of destDir rather than the arguments, this allows regenerating a subset of syntaxes but still having all syntaxes in Syntax.hs. (Bjorn Buckwalter) * ParseSyntaxFiles.hs: Change deprecated pragma, remove obsolete import. (Bjorn Buckwalter) highlighting-kate 0.2.3 (9 Jul 2008) * Removed -O2 in Ghc-Options, as it provides very little speedup highlighting-kate 0.2.2 (9 Jul 2008) * Added Cc-options -O0 to cabal file. This is needed to prevent gcc from using enormous amounts of memory on platforms that lack a native code generator and compile via C. See * Depend on parsec < 3, because parsec 3 is much slower. * normalizeHighlighting now strips out empty strings highlighting-kate 0.2.1 (10 Feb 2008) * Implemented lookAhead in parsers, which fixed bugs in perl, bash, and other parsers. highlighting-kate 0.2 (10 Feb 2008) * Initial release