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MaintainerJohn MacFarlane <jgm@berkeley.edu>

This helper module exports the main highlighting and formatting functions.

A typical application will combine a highlighter and a formatter:

 main = do
   code <- getContents
   case highlightAs "ruby" code of
         Right result -> putStrLn $ renderHtmlFragment $ 
                         formatAsXHtml [OptNumberLines] "ruby" result
         Left  err    -> error $ "Could not parse input: " ++ err
highlightAs :: String -> String -> Either String [SourceLine]
languages :: [String]
languagesByExtension :: String -> [String]
formatAsXHtml :: [FormatOption] -> String -> [SourceLine] -> Html
data FormatOption
= OptNumberLines
| OptNumberFrom Int
| OptTitleAttributes
defaultHighlightingCss :: String
type SourceLine = [LabeledSource]
type LabeledSource = ([String], String)
highlightingKateVersion :: [Char]
:: StringLanguage syntax
-> StringSource code to highlight
-> Either String [SourceLine]Either error message or result

True if extension belongs to language.

Highlight source code using a specified syntax definition.

languages :: [String]Source
List of supported languages.
languagesByExtension :: String -> [String]Source
Returns a list of languages appropriate for the given file extension.
:: [FormatOption]Options
-> StringLanguage
-> [SourceLine]Source lines to format
-> Html
Format a list of highlighted SourceLines as XHtml.
data FormatOption Source
Options for formatters.
OptNumberLinesNumber lines
OptNumberFrom IntNumber of first line
OptTitleAttributesInclude title attributes
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defaultHighlightingCss :: StringSource
type SourceLine = [LabeledSource]Source
A line of source, list of labeled source items.
type LabeledSource = ([String], String)Source
A pair consisting of a list of attributes and some text.
highlightingKateVersion :: [Char]Source
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