Changelog for himerge-0.20

Himerge -- Haskell Interface for Emerge -- version 0.20 (May, 01, 2008) 1 - The queue operation 'add' is now available through a right-click from the browser version view for each package. 2 - The queue operations 'remove/clear' are now available from each of the control panel package queue through a right-click. 3 - A backup of all the system files used by himerge will be created inside the ~/.himerge/ directory. 4 - The USE flag browser is highly-improved. A new browser constrcution mechanism speeds up the launch of the browser and shows a more organized and coherent framework, listing only the necessary flags boxes available for a given entity (a package or the whole system use flags). -- version 0.18 (Apr, 01, 2008) 1 - USE flag browser improved. It now shows use flags classified alphabetically on independent panels. 2 - Himerge now correctly handles the reload procedure of portage during the installation of packages. 3 - The tree views interface is slightly improved. Now the views are updated when pressing 'Enter' on each row too. 4 - Some code refactored. -- version 0.17.9 (Mar, 04, 2008) 1 - The use flags browser has been improved to correctly parse certain use flags. 2 - Himerge is now hackage compliant. -- version 0.17.3 (Feb, 23, 2008) 1 - Run update-eix after each Sync and Metadata updating operation, so the package database is automatically updated for the browser views and search functions. 2 - Now the web package information window is updated on selecting packages from the different package queues and the package versions view. 3 - A few functions have been refactored for reducing complexity of code. 4 - A slight bug on showing a package action operation in the package queues has been fixed. -- version 0.17 (Feb, 9, 2008) 1 - Allow full view of the control panel. 2 - Added support to show the action type to be processed for each package inside the 'Queue' windows. 3 - Fixed an important bug on the UseFlag browser. 4 - Slightly improved some processes speed. 5 - Cabal file improved so it can use the sdist cabal option for packaging. -- version 0.16.1 (Jan, 15, 2008) 1 - Fixed an important bug that stopped saving the panel pages. -- version 0.16 (Jan, 14, 2008) 1 - GHC 6.8 complaint. 2 - Added the 'Portage Browser Operations' panel. 3 - Added the 'Browser Editor' panel for editing the contents shown by the browser in a given time. This helps dealing with special cases like for example, accessing removed packages information from the portage tree. 4 - Added the option to 'Refresh' the browser views. 5 - Interactive searching enabled for the packages 'Queue' list. Now packages can be easily searched and located interactively from any queue list. 6 - Text buffer operations improved. It avoids gtk+ warning about invalid iterators while updating text buffers. 7 - Scroll to the current processed package in the 'Queue' lists. 8 - Avoid the web browser panel to shrink smaller than its allowed size. This fixes a gtk+ warning. 9 - Now Himerge allows to work with the branching operations keyword/mask/unmask over all the versions of a package at once. 10 - Removed some un-used functions. -- version 0.15 (Nov, 3, 2007) 1 - Multi-Tab support added. This feature allows to show several panel pages (package queues, command views) for different processes at the same time. 2 - Process handling support improved. Processes can now independently be stopped. 3 - Log support added. Now himerge will log all (or most of) the operations in the new 'Log' panel page. 4 - An important bug in the text buffers has been fixed. 5 - Himerge now asks for confirmation for many essential operations. 6 - Some code refactoring and small bugs fixes done. -- version 0.14.7 (Sep, 29, 2007) 1 - Package queue status notification added. 2 - USE flag browser layout improved. 3 - Package search feature is now more flexible. It can match exact package names or it can match all the packages containing a specific sub-string. 4 - New button added to list all the current packages installed in the system. (portage-utils dependency introduced for this feature.) 5 - Question dialogs added to confirm installation/un-installation operations. 6 - Several slight bugs fixed. -- version 0.14 (Sep, 07, 2007) 1 - Tooltips added to the buttons's operations. 2 - Support for /etc/portage/ directories. For example, now you can have package.keywords/ as a directory containing more files. 3 - Added support for calculating the direct reverse dependencies of a package. 4 - Now the views will scroll to the cell of a specific package when this one is found using the package search feature. 5 - Now Himerge will automatically move and show the notebook pages when they are initially created with an operation. 6 - Fixed an important bug that avoided finding the first packages in a treeview using the package search option. 7 - The synchronization speed between the processes output and the current operations have been slightly improved. 8 - Package search box improved with a dropdown list for search history. 9 - Added a new accelerator to show documentation. 10 - The USE flag browser has been improved to match correct local use flags option for a package. 11 - Fixed an USE flag browser bug that made the browser crashes with output containing an empty list. 12 - Added the Himerge logo in some part of the application and components. 13 - Some bugs fixed and slight code refactoring in several functions. -- version 0.13 (May, 03, 2007) 1 - First release.