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Himpy provides a multi-threaded snmp poller which reports to riemann.

Polled MIBs are grouped in recipes and produce relative results whereever possible (for instance, the storage recipe reports percents).

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Versions0.5.0, 0.5.0
Change logNone available
Dependenciesaeson (>=, attoparsec (>=, base (==4.6.*), binary (>=, bytestring (>=, cereal (>=, containers (>=, MissingH (>=, NetSNMP (>=, network (>=, old-time (>=, protobuf (>=0.1.1), regex-posix (>=0.93.1), stm (>=2.4.2), text (>=, type-level (>=0.2.4), unordered-containers (>=, vector (>= [details]
AuthorPierre-Yves Ritschard
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UploadedMon Feb 10 14:58:05 UTC 2014 by pyr


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himpy: multithreaded snmp poller for riemann

himpy polls common SNMP mibs (bundled in recipes), applies local thresholds and forwards results to riemann

Available MIB Recipes


    "logfile": "/tmp/himpy.log",
    "host": "",
    "port": "5555",
    "hosts": [
            "host": "",
            "community": "public",
            "recipes": {
                "network": [],
                "storage": [],
                "load": [],
                "winservices": ["logstash"]
    "thresholds": [
            "host": "(.*)",
            "service": "^/ percent",
            "warning": "30.00",
            "critical": "50.00"
            "host": "(.*)",
            "service": "load-all",
            "warning": "30.00",
            "critical": "50.00"