hit-on-0.0.0: Haskell Git Helper Tool

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Logic for CLI commands to make GitHub workflows easier.



runHop :: Maybe Text -> IO () Source #

hit hop command.

runFresh :: Maybe Text -> IO () Source #

hit fresh command.

runNew :: Int -> IO () Source #

hit new command.

runPush :: Bool -> IO () Source #

hit push command.

runResolve :: Maybe Text -> IO () Source #

hit resolve command.

runCommit :: Text -> Bool -> IO () Source #

hit commit command.

runAmend :: IO () Source #

hit amend command.

runSync :: IO () Source #

hit sync command.

runCurrent :: IO (Maybe Int) Source #

Part of the hit current command. Prints the current branch and returns the current issue number if possible.

runClone :: Text -> IO () Source #

hit clone command receives the name of the repo in the following formats:

  • reponame — current user's username is used to clone the repo from.
  • name/reponame — specified GitHub username is used to clone the repo from.

Note that the ssh strategy is used for cloning from GitHub. See the corresponding git command:

git clone git@github.com:username/project-name.git

getUsername :: IO Text Source #

Get current user name from the local global git config.