hlatex-0.1: A library to build valid LaTeX files




The main command

includegraphics :: (IncludeGraphicsOpts -> IncludeGraphicsOpts) -> FilePath -> ParItemSource

includegraphics fopts fp The fopts function will receive the defaults options and should modify options to suit your needs.

This function is generally used like this: includegraphics (\o -> o{ <opt> = <exp> ... }) fp

The options

data IncludeGraphicsOpts Source




scale :: Rational

the number by which the figure size should be magnified over its natural size

width :: Maybe LatexLength

specifies the width to which the figure should be scaled to; if height not given, it is scaled with the same factor as the width

height :: Maybe LatexLength

specifies the height to which the figure should be scaled to; if width is not given, it is scaled with the same factor as the height

totalheight :: Maybe LatexLength

like height but specifies the height plus depth of the figure; should always be used in place of height if the figure has been otated

keepaspectratio :: Bool

if both height and width are specified, this flag ensures that the original height/width ratio remains unchanged; the figure will not exceed either of the given dimensions

angle :: Rational

the angle by which the figure is to be rotated counterclockwise, in degrees; any height or width specifications coming before this key are also rotated, so that the height becomes the width, while the width becomes either the height (positive angle) or depth (negative angle)

origin :: Loc

determines the point about which the rotation occurs; default is bl for bottom left corner; also possible are c for center, t for top, r for right, and B for baseline; any sensible combination, such as tr, is allowed

draft :: Bool

like the draft package option but applied to the one graphics file; the figure is not imported, but rather a framed box of the correct size is printed containing the name of the file

clip :: Bool

suppresses the printing of any graphic outside the bounding box

bb :: Maybe (Coord, Coord)

((llx, lly) (urx, ury)); enters the coordinates of the bounding box manually, if they are missing or incorrect in the graphics file, or to be deliberately altered; the specifications are four lengths separated by blanks; units may be given, but if omitted, big points (bp) are assumed

viewport :: Maybe (Coord, Coord)

((llx, lly), (urx, ury)); specifies the bounding box but relative to the lower left corner of the existing one; useful for correcting the bounding box, or (with clip) to select only a portion of the whole figure

trim :: Maybe (Coord, Coord)

((dllx, dlly), (durx, dury)); reduces the existing bounding box by the amounts specified

hiresbb :: Bool

like the hiresbb package option but applied to the one graphics file; reads bounding box information from the %%HiResBoundingBox line in the graphics file.

The locations

data Loc Source


The package name