hledger-0.11.1: A command-line (or curses or web-based) double-entry accounting tool.Source codeContentsIndex
A history-aware add command to help with data entry.
add :: [Opt] -> [String] -> Journal -> IO ()
getAndAddTransactions :: Journal -> [Opt] -> [String] -> Day -> IO ()
getTransaction :: Journal -> [Opt] -> [String] -> Day -> IO (Transaction, Day)
getPostings :: (AccountName -> Bool) -> Maybe [Posting] -> [Posting] -> IO [Posting]
askFor :: String -> Maybe String -> Maybe (String -> Bool) -> IO String
journalAddTransaction :: Journal -> Transaction -> IO Journal
appendToJournalFile :: Journal -> String -> IO ()
registerFromString :: String -> IO String
compareStrings :: String -> String -> Double
compareDescriptions :: [Char] -> [Char] -> Double
transactionsSimilarTo :: Journal -> [String] -> String -> [(Double, Transaction)]
add :: [Opt] -> [String] -> Journal -> IO ()Source
Read transactions from the terminal, prompting for each field, and append them to the journal file. If the journal came from stdin, this command has no effect.
getAndAddTransactions :: Journal -> [Opt] -> [String] -> Day -> IO ()Source
Read a number of transactions from the command line, prompting, validating, displaying and appending them to the journal file, until end of input (then raise an EOF exception). Any command-line arguments are used as the first transaction's description.
getTransaction :: Journal -> [Opt] -> [String] -> Day -> IO (Transaction, Day)Source
Read a transaction from the command line, with history-aware prompting.
getPostings :: (AccountName -> Bool) -> Maybe [Posting] -> [Posting] -> IO [Posting]Source
Read postings from the command line until . is entered, using the provided historical postings, if any, to guess defaults.
askFor :: String -> Maybe String -> Maybe (String -> Bool) -> IO StringSource
Prompt for and read a string value, optionally with a default value and a validator. A validator causes the prompt to repeat until the input is valid. May also raise an EOF exception if control-d is pressed.
journalAddTransaction :: Journal -> Transaction -> IO JournalSource
Append this transaction to the journal's file. Also, to the journal's transaction list, but we don't bother updating the other fields - this is enough to include new transactions in the history matching.
appendToJournalFile :: Journal -> String -> IO ()Source
Append data to the journal's file, ensuring proper separation from any existing data; or if the file is -, dump it to stdout.
registerFromString :: String -> IO StringSource
Convert a string of journal data into a register report.
compareStrings :: String -> String -> DoubleSource
Return a similarity measure, from 0 to 1, for two strings. This is Simon White's letter pairs algorithm from http:www.catalysoft.comarticlesStrikeAMatch.html with a modification for short strings.
compareDescriptions :: [Char] -> [Char] -> DoubleSource
transactionsSimilarTo :: Journal -> [String] -> String -> [(Double, Transaction)]Source
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