hledger-0.15.1: The main command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool.



This module contains hledger's unit tests. These are built in to hledger, and can be run at any time by doing hledger test (or, with a few more options, by doing make unittest in the hledger source tree.)

Other kinds of tests:

hledger's functional tests are a set of shell/command-line tests defined by .test files in the tests/ subdirectory. These can be run by doing make functest in the hledger source tree.

hledger's doctests are shell commands with expected output in literal blocks in the haddock documentation, run by doing make doctest in the hledger source tree. They are hardly used, but here is an example:

$ bin/hledger -f data/sample.journal balance o
                  $1  expenses:food
                 $-2  income
                 $-1    gifts
                 $-1    salary



runtests :: CliOpts -> IO ()Source

Run unit tests and exit with success or failure.

runTestsOrExit :: CliOpts -> IO ()Source

Run unit tests and exit on failure.