hledger-0.2: A ledger-compatible text-based accounting tool.



AccountNames are strings like assets:cash:petty. From a set of these we derive the account hierarchy.



accountNameTreeFrom :: [AccountName] -> Tree AccountNameSource

We could almost get by with just the AccountName manipulations above, but we need smarter structures to eg display the account tree with boring accounts elided. This converts a list of AccountName to a tree (later we will convert that to a tree of Account.)

elideAccountName :: Int -> AccountName -> AccountNameSource

Elide an account name to fit in the specified width. From the ledger 2.6 news:

   What Ledger now does is that if an account name is too long, it will
   start abbreviating the first parts of the account name down to two
   letters in length.  If this results in a string that is still too
   long, the front will be elided -- not the end.  For example:

Expenses:Cash           ; OK, not too long
     Ex:Wednesday:Cash       ; Expenses was abbreviated to fit
     Ex:We:Afternoon:Cash    ; Expenses and Wednesday abbreviated
     ; Expenses:Wednesday:Afternoon:Lunch:Snack:Candy:Chocolate:Cash
     ..:Af:Lu:Sn:Ca:Ch:Cash  ; Abbreviated and elided!

matchpats :: [String] -> String -> BoolSource

Check if a set of ledger account/description patterns matches the given account name or entry description. Patterns are case-insensitive regular expression strings; those beginning with - are anti-patterns.

matchpats_balance :: [String] -> String -> BoolSource

Similar to matchpats, but follows the special behaviour of ledger 2.6's balance command: positive patterns which do not contain : match the account leaf name, other patterns match the full account name.

match_positive_pats :: [String] -> String -> BoolSource

Do the positives in these patterns permit a match for this string ?

match_negative_pats :: [String] -> String -> BoolSource

Do the negatives in these patterns prevent a match for this string ?