hledger-0.21: The main command-line interface for the hledger accounting tool.

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hledger - a ledger-compatible accounting tool. Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Simon Michael simon@joyful.com Released under GPL version 3 or later.

hledger is a partial haskell clone of John Wiegley's ledger. It generates ledger-compatible register & balance reports from a plain text journal, and demonstrates a functional implementation of ledger. For more information, see http://hledger.org .

This module provides the main function for the hledger command-line executable. It is exposed here so that it can be imported by eg benchmark scripts.

You can use the command line:

 $ hledger --help

or ghci:

 $ ghci hledger
 > j <- readJournalFile Nothing Nothing "data/sample.journal"
 > register [] ["income","expenses"] j
 2008/01/01 income               income:salary                   $-1          $-1
 2008/06/01 gift                 income:gifts                    $-1          $-2
 2008/06/03 eat & shop           expenses:food                    $1          $-1
                                 expenses:supplies                $1            0
 > balance [Depth "1"] [] l
                  $-1  assets
                   $2  expenses
                  $-2  income
                   $1  liabilities
 > l <- myLedger

See Hledger.Data.Ledger for more examples.