Changelog for hledger-0.23.2

0.23.2 (2014/5/8) - register: also fix date sorting of postings (#184) 0.23.1 (2014/5/7) - register: fix a refactoring-related regression that the tests missed: if transactions were not ordered by date in the journal, register could include postings before the report start date in the output. (#184) - add: don't apply a default commodity to amounts on entry (#138) - cli: options before the add-on command name are now also passed to it (#182) - csv: allow the first name in a fields list to be empty (#178) - csv: don't validate fields count in skipped lines (#177) 0.23 (2014/5/1) Journal format: - A # (hash) in column 0 is now also supported for starting a top-level journal comment, like Ledger. - The "too many missing amounts" error now reminds about the 2-space rule. - Fix: . (period) is no longer parsed as a valid amount. - Fix: default commodity directives no longer limit the maximum display precision (#169). - Fix: + before an amount is no longer parsed as part of the commodity (#181). CLI: - Command-line help cleanups, layout improvements. - Descriptions are shown for known add-ons in the command list. - Command aliases have been simplified. - Add-ons can now have any of these file extensions: none, hs, lhs, pl, py, rb, rkt, sh, bat, com, exe. - Add-ons are displayed without their file extensions when possible. - Add-ons with the same name as a built-in command or alias are ignored. - Fix: add-on detection and invocation now works on windows. - Fix: add-ons with digits in the name are now found. - Fix: add-on arguments containing a single quote now work. - Fix: when -- is used to hide add-on options from the main program, it is no longer passed through as an add-on argument. Queries: - The currency/commodity query prefix (sym:) has been renamed to cur:. - Currency/commodity queries are applied more strongly in register and balance reports, filtering out unwanted currencies entirely. Eg hledger balance cur:'\$' now reports only the dollar amounts even if there are multi-currency transactions or postings. - Amount queries like amt:N, amt:<N and amt:>N, where N is not 0, now do an unsigned comparison of the amount and N. That is, they compare the absolute magnitude. To do a signed comparison instead, write N with its sign (eg amt:+N, amt:<+N, amt:>-N). - Fix: amount queries no longer give false positives on multi-commodity amounts. accounts: - An accounts command has been added, similar to Ledger's, for listing account names in flat or hierarchical mode. add: - Tab completion now works at all prompts, and will insert the default if the input area is empty. - Account and amount defaults are more robust and useful. - Transactions may also be completed by the enter key, when there are no more default postings. - Input prompts are displayed in a different colour when supported. balance: - Balance reports in flat mode now always show exclusive (subaccount-excluding) balances. - Balance reports in flat mode with --depth now aggregate deeper accounts at the depth limit instead of excluding them. - Multicolumn reports in flat mode now support --drop. - Multicolumn balance reports can now show the account hierarchy with --tree. - Multicolumn report start/end dates are adjusted to encompass the displayed report periods, so the first and last periods are "full" and comparable to the others. - Fix: zero-balance leaf accounts below a non-zero-balance parent are no longer always shown (#170). - Fix: multicolumn reports now support --date2 (cf #174). balancesheet, cashflow, incomestatement: - These commands now support --flat and --drop. print: - Tag queries (tag:) will now match a transaction if any of its postings match. register: - The --display option has been dropped. To see an accurate running total which includes the prior starting balance, use --historical/-H (like balance). - With a report interval, report start/end dates are adjusted to encompass the displayed periods, so the first and last periods are "full" and comparable to the others. - Fix: --date2 now works with report intervals (fixes #174). Miscellaneous: - Default report dates now derive from the secondary dates when --date2 is in effect. - Default report dates now notice any posting dates outside the transaction dates' span. - Debug output improvements. - New add-on example: extra/hledger-rewrite.hs, adds postings to matched entries. - Compatible with GHC 7.2 (#155) - GHC 7.8, shakespeare 2 0.22.2 (2014/4/16) - display years before 1000 with four digits, not three - avoid pretty-show to build with GHC < 7.4 - allow text 1.1, drop data-pprint to build with GHC 7.8.x 0.22.1 (2014/1/6) and older: see or doc/